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ZyTrax, Inc.

Montreal February 7th, 2004

ZYTRAX, Inc. was founded in 1994 to design, develop and market IP network solutions and services. The company is now located in Hampstead, Quebec a suburb of Montreal, North America's premier multi-cultural, multi-lingual city (around 80% of the population of the city are bi-lingual in English and French). Montreal has excellent technical and cultural resources, an amazing choice of restaurants, a great Hockey team (well, some years are better than others), great bagels and the vibrancy that comes from strong cultural links to most parts of the world ....oh, and it gets a bit of snow in the winter. Just a plain fun place to be based.

The company's founding investors were Technocap, Inc. one of Canada's largest high tech venture capital companies with over $100m in funds and Nouveler, Inc. (the ex venture capital arm of Hydro Quebec). The company also attracted funding from the Quebec government through the former Société Developpement Industriel (SDI now Investissement Québec) whose task was to invest in strategic growth companies. In total the company attracted over $4m in equity, tax credits and long term loans.

ZYTRAX provides Training Services in the fields of DNS, LDAP and Telecommunications using subject-matter experts who are acknowledged experts in their fields. The company's objectives are Knowledge Transfer and Acquisition on the part of its clients. Simply teaching a subject is no longer enough. It is important in today's fast moving world that students both know the covered material and, vitally, understand it and are thus able to keep up with changes in their selected technological field without continuously needing refresher courses.

ZYTRAX, Inc. launched a range of Office Appliances under the brand name NetWidget. These Appliances are trivial to install, unattended, consume less power than a 60 watt light bulb and come with a full range of office functionality including Windows Domain Contoller (PDC), Web Server, FTP server, email - POP3, IMAP, SMTP, web-mail and calendaring, Print server, network archiving to optical media, RAID 1 disks, DHCP, Firewall, Caching Proxy, NAT, DNS and VPN service. NetWidgets Appliances are slated to ship to beta sites in March 2004 and customer shipments will commence in May/June 2004.

ZYTRAX developed the SteamPacketRadio Air-Frame range of rugged products combining high speed wireless IP data access, VoIP and sophisticated QoS and management features that are reliable and secure over distance (sweet spot is 2km to 10km). The company shipped its first products to New Zealand to pilot a major rural network initiative designed to bring high-speed Internet access to the major revenue-earning farms and argicultural stations spread throughout the North and South Islands.

The company undertakes specialised FreeBSD, Linux and embedded development projects with high communications content; provides full service turnkey network design, installation and management services and provides support services for a number of Open Source products running on *BSD and Linux platforms.

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Press Contacts: Ron Aitchison
  Tel: (+01)514.315.4296
Fax: (+01)514.223.2757
e-mail r.aitchison at
Mail: ZyTrax, Inc.
6201 Chemin Cote St. Luc
Suite 22
Hampstead QC
Canada H3X 2H2


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