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Tech Stuff - HTML Attribute Information

Attribute Info

The attributes supported by HTMLElement the base ELEMENT_NODE (nodeType = 1).

  1. className attribute
  2. dir attribute
  3. id attribute
  4. lang attribute
  5. title attribute

className Attribute

className returns a string enclosed in double quotes definning the CSS class applied to the Element. Most, but not all HTML elements support className.

// valid className attribute in HTML
<p id="one" class="mystyle">
// multiple values are allowed
<p class="mystyle yourstyle">

// usage
node = document.getElementById("one");
if(node.className == "mystyle"){
 // gotcha

dir Attribute

The dir attribute defines the direction of a table or language to assist browsers in layout. It may take the values LTR (Left-to-Right) or RTL (Right-to-Left). Most but not all HTML elements support dir.

// valid dir attribute in HTML
<p class="RTL">

id Attribute

The id attribute is a string which may be composed of the following characters. It must be unique with any document and can be used on every HTL element.

// valid id attribute in HTML
<p id="a-7_Z:b.">

lang Attribute

The langattribute is a string enclosed in double quotes defining the language being used. RFC 1766 defines the valid language codes and ISO 3166 defines two letter country codes.

// valid lang attribute in HTML
<p lang="fr">
<p lang="en-Cockney">

title Attribute

The title attribute is a string enclosed in double quotes providing descriptive text and is frequently displayed use a 'tool tips' bubble interface on many user agents (browsers). Most but not all HTML elements support title.

// valid title attribute
<p title="the first paragraph I wrote on the web">

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Tech Stuff

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